DEFIANCE - VBI Recruitment Website
DEFIANCE - 360 Campaign

Defiance was an ambitious transmedia property delivered across both TV and a video game. As with all new entertainment properties, we had to convince sceptical gamers to try yet another unknown title - so, for this, we set about building an equally ambitious campaign.

DEFIANCE - 'Join The Fight' launch trailer

We harnessed our knowledge in the behaviour of early adopters and used them to help spread the word - equipping them with in-game goodies thanks to a series of hidden codes scattered throughout the entire campaign, we created all print, digital and trailer assets in additional to a motion comic series.

DEFIANCE - VBI 'Recruitment' Video
DEFIANCE - VBI Recruitment Website
DEFIANCE - VBI Recruitment Website

Teaser phase digital activation

DEFIANCE - The Ark Hunter Chronicles

Motion Comic Series